Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope your day is filled with love and laughter and not too much chocolate….. but maybe just a little bit.

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Surprise Friends Gifts

My son’s class is doing “surprise friends” as a pre-Valentine’s Day conversation on friendship. It seems to be the norm for the gifts to be mostly store bought, but with a $5 budget I have a feeling some people might be bending the rules on that budget ever so slightly.

We sat down last weekend to map out the gifts that Cole wanted to give and I think we found a fair blend of store bought and homemade and we spent exactly $5. (There are a few not pictured.)

Somehow, before tomorrow, he thinks that he and I are going to sew a stuffed monkey… Wish me luck!

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Sticker Club Valentine’s

My girls and one of their friends have started a sticker club this year. Meaning whenever we get together they bring their special sticker notebooks and whatever stickers they have recently acquired and they fill the pages with stickers together.

So we put together a little valentine treat that was perfect for a sticker club get together.

The hardest part was cutting out lots and lots of little stickers. And also being intentional about dividing them up somewhat fairly!

Enoy with friends at Sticker Club! An easy, fairly inexpensive alternative to candy! (Less than $5 and there were supplies enough to make about 2 dozen.)

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At the Library

This week my girls and I went downtown to the big library. I love to browse the craft section and find a big stack of books to flip through for inspiration. Then I plop down in the amazing children’s section and let the girl’s play on the computers and do their own browsing. It’s a perfect rainy afternoon activity for all of us.

I found this cute little book…. I love the cover project!

Pretty Little Patchwork (Pretty Little Series)

As I flipped through I saw a very familiar little project. Only the ones in the book were of course made up of scraps. And they suggested filling them completely with lavender and using them as eye pillows for your tired eyes. I think I just might try that tonight as I muddle through the stuffy tiredness of a winter cold.

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Hand Warmer Tutorial and Giveaway!

This little project is easy as can be! Check out the tutorial and giveaway at Frugal Granola today!

  1. Hand Warmers: Toss a set in the microwave for 20 seconds and warm up frosty little fingers after an afternoon out in the snow.
  2. Cold Pack: Keep one or two in the freezer to pull out and sooth a bumped head or bruised ankle.
  3. Hackie-Sack / “Bean Bag” Toy: When a little one needs something to throw, an organized bean bag toss can be much safer than tossing balls in the house.


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Bulk Shopping Bags – Tutorial and Giveaway

Bulk Shopping Bags – Tutorial and Giveaway

Head over to Frugal Granola where we are giving away these reusable bulk bags.

Plus, if you don’t win them there is a tutorial for how to make your own!

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Counting down to Christmas

We used to have a really nice advent calendar that I had sewed together over a few years and last year it was finally finished. It took its inspiration from this one over at The Purl Bee.  However, somehow we have misplaced one box of Christmas goodness. I didn’t realize it immediately, but a few days after decorating I started thinking about a few choice items that were missing from our holiday decor….. most importantly the advent calendar.

So yesterday I began a replacement. Ideally we’ll find that missing box, but just in case we don’t I wanted to create something that would be reusable, festive and attractive (also simple and cheap!).  Enter cards and envelopes, 3×5 cards, and scrapbook paper.
The 3×5 cards corners are slipped into little cuts I made in the cards, that way rearranging or replacing activities in future years will be simple.

I had lots of helpers with cutting and gluing for the first half hour….. then I was on my own. The toddler in our house is potty training, so little treat breaks for all of us was a necessity.
I’ve got 14 envelopes done. 11 to go. Let’s just hope that string taped to bricks (bad idea) holds when all 25 are clipped up there.

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