Instead of Packing (Part 4 : Laptop Sleeve)

The beloved Mac is making the trip with me. Not quite sure how I managed that one……

But again, I determined that it too was in need of a protective covering of sorts. I didn’t have any sort of plan going into this one so there are some major flaws with the way the side binding seams all come together. But it was easy enough and I like the idea so I think when I get home I’ll be trying to perfect this idea into something really cute, easy and way functional.

This one will be getting some handles cut into it after our trip, but I reached a point where I really had to start packing and since I was at a good stopping point it will have to work as it is until we get home.

Basic construction consists of 2 fat quarters, 2 rectangles of padding, and 2 rectangles of canvas all sandwiched together and trimmed up with some leftover scraps of bias tape. By no means a perfected plan or pattern…….but it’s in progress.

Though my computer slides in and out with perfection. It fits exactly like I meant for it to. I love it when that happens.

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