Instead of Packing (Part 3 : Porch Pillows)

Pillows for the porch….. definitely not something that needed to be made before leaving on vacation. We inherited a new couch from our awesome neighbor and the futon was getting kicked to the curb. It didn’t quite make it off the front porch though and everybody thought it should stay. Great idea in theory, but it was pretty awful to look at. So I found some discarded kid pillows in the basement mayhem and threw together some envelope pillow cases to ease the pain of a futon on my front porch.

It feels a bit more cozy and homey this way. I think it can stay. I’ll admit it has been pleasant to have a comfy place to relax in the evening or to sit and keep an eye on bike riding kiddos.

**The striped fabric was leftovers from an outdoor canvas that I used to make a tablecloth for our back porch table. That was also something I made instead of packing, but I didn’t take a picture……it’s just a tablecloth.**

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