Instead of Packing (Part 5: Dress for Me)










A simple jersey dress that is so comfy I’ve already worn it three times. It was just a small piece of fabric that I found in a stash that my grandma had given me a few years ago. If I made another I would use a wider piece of jersey so that the bottom of the dress would be a bit fuller. I need to adjust the straps a bit too. They stretched more than I anticipated and I am finding myself pulling the top up quite a bit when little fingers tug at me. Though on an evening out without children I could just tuck the straps in and go strapless (gasp) oh the fanciness of it all. I can’t even imagine the last time I wore a strapless dress.

And that’s a wrap on what I made last week instead of packing. Just for the record….we were packed and ready in time to load up and head out at the originally intended departure time. So no worries, right??

Until next week……… or the week after when we get back to the sunny desert. Enjoy the last month of lazy summer goodness.

**Disclaimer: A 7-year-old boy took these photos. Just saying. We’re not professionals.**

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