Instead of Packing (Part 5: Dress for Me)










A simple jersey dress that is so comfy I’ve already worn it three times. It was just a small piece of fabric that I found in a stash that my grandma had given me a few years ago. If I made another I would use a wider piece of jersey so that the bottom of the dress would be a bit fuller. I need to adjust the straps a bit too. They stretched more than I anticipated and I am finding myself pulling the top up quite a bit when little fingers tug at me. Though on an evening out without children I could just tuck the straps in and go strapless (gasp) oh the fanciness of it all. I can’t even imagine the last time I wore a strapless dress.

And that’s a wrap on what I made last week instead of packing. Just for the record….we were packed and ready in time to load up and head out at the originally intended departure time. So no worries, right??

Until next week……… or the week after when we get back to the sunny desert. Enjoy the last month of lazy summer goodness.

**Disclaimer: A 7-year-old boy took these photos. Just saying. We’re not professionals.**

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Instead of Packing (Part 4 : Laptop Sleeve)

The beloved Mac is making the trip with me. Not quite sure how I managed that one……

But again, I determined that it too was in need of a protective covering of sorts. I didn’t have any sort of plan going into this one so there are some major flaws with the way the side binding seams all come together. But it was easy enough and I like the idea so I think when I get home I’ll be trying to perfect this idea into something really cute, easy and way functional.

This one will be getting some handles cut into it after our trip, but I reached a point where I really had to start packing and since I was at a good stopping point it will have to work as it is until we get home.

Basic construction consists of 2 fat quarters, 2 rectangles of padding, and 2 rectangles of canvas all sandwiched together and trimmed up with some leftover scraps of bias tape. By no means a perfected plan or pattern…….but it’s in progress.

Though my computer slides in and out with perfection. It fits exactly like I meant for it to. I love it when that happens.

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Instead of Packing (Part 3 : Porch Pillows)

Pillows for the porch….. definitely not something that needed to be made before leaving on vacation. We inherited a new couch from our awesome neighbor and the futon was getting kicked to the curb. It didn’t quite make it off the front porch though and everybody thought it should stay. Great idea in theory, but it was pretty awful to look at. So I found some discarded kid pillows in the basement mayhem and threw together some envelope pillow cases to ease the pain of a futon on my front porch.

It feels a bit more cozy and homey this way. I think it can stay. I’ll admit it has been pleasant to have a comfy place to relax in the evening or to sit and keep an eye on bike riding kiddos.

**The striped fabric was leftovers from an outdoor canvas that I used to make a tablecloth for our back porch table. That was also something I made instead of packing, but I didn’t take a picture……it’s just a tablecloth.**

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Instead of Packing (Part 2 : Sewing Machine Cover)

Since I had to bring my sewing machine along on vacation I figured it really *needed* some sort of cover to protect it. Never mind the fact that if I had walked downstairs and looked in the box I could have found the plastic cover that came with it.

I had this gorgeous print that a friend brought me from Rwanda earlier this year and I had been waiting for a good project that I would see and use often to use this fabric on.

It’s just a boxy cover lined inside with a heavy duck cloth so that it actually holds its own shape and provides a layer of protection. The bottom edges are closed up with bias tape (which is a slightly new obsession for me). The same bias tape is used around the opening where the handle pops through.

It’s a keeper. My sewing machine doesn’t seem quite as intrusive to the kitchen table when it has a cute over on it!

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Things I Made Last Week…..Instead of Packing (Part 1 : Beach Robe)

The kids and I took off last Friday for a 2 week trip away from the sunny Salt Lake Valley. We’re spending the majority of the trip in Eugene participating in a dance workshop for a festival that I was involved in growing up. It’ll be a reunion of sorts of friends and kids and we will be staying busy busy. The sewing machine is along for the ride as there are plenty of costume pieces still left to be made.

However, packing and preparing for this trip somehow left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and I spent the majority of the week avoiding packing, cleaning, grocery shopping…..and instead I sewed. I sewed so much my seven year old finally asked me if I needed him to hide my sewing machine from me.

First up……. The Beach Robe.

And even though she’s used it a ton in just a week I have yet to get a picture of it near water or in legitimate use. So the front yard will have to do.

I cut the pieces for another one for my nephew. I will have to be a little bit more particular with some of the seams on the next one. When I washed the orange one the towel sort of pulled and thinned near the armpits and around the neckline.

The lining in the hood is one of my favorite aspects of this… cute! The pattern is super simple and easy to follow. But it’s not very big, so there is quite a bit of adjusting and adding length to all the pieces if you’re making bigger than a size 4. It’s an easy enough adjustment though and well worth it.

She adores it and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me where I bought it!  I love that!

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In progress…

This week has seen a lot of things ‘in progress’ around my house. Not much of anything can be moved to the completed category, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

My external hard drive crashed quite literally last week. I dropped it, it hit the floor and crashed right open. Yesterday my computer died and I’ve spent today attempting to revive it. Right now I’m pulling stitches out of a circle play quilt (changed my mind on the look of the quilting) while attempting to pull things off the dead computer onto an external drive by way of a barely hanging on computer. I didn’t even know that was possible before today. Then I get to reinstall the hard drive and hope everything wasn’t lost. Woohoo friday night! (my auto correct just tried to make ‘woohoo’ into Elohim. Weird.)

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Where we are and why we’re so quiet….

Sarah’s been having computer/photo issues these last two weeks.  So while I’m certain she’s busy being crafty, we’ll just have to wait a little longer to see all that she’s been up to.

In response to the first Harry Potter Birthday Party  I spent the majority of last week preparing for our own 6 year old version. Complete with wizard capes for all our little guests. Now that excuse is over, but a looming garage sale and life in general are keeping the computer away from me on a shelf or providing a movie break from the afternoon heat for little ones.

I did, however, whip up one of the Beach Robes over at MADE. Which I highly recommend for the bargain price of $8. I will have pictures and more thoughts next week, but for now go check it out for yourself at MADE.

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