Things I Made Last Week…..Instead of Packing (Part 1 : Beach Robe)

The kids and I took off last Friday for a 2 week trip away from the sunny Salt Lake Valley. We’re spending the majority of the trip in Eugene participating in a dance workshop for a festival that I was involved in growing up. It’ll be a reunion of sorts of friends and kids and we will be staying busy busy. The sewing machine is along for the ride as there are plenty of costume pieces still left to be made.

However, packing and preparing for this trip somehow left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and I spent the majority of the week avoiding packing, cleaning, grocery shopping…..and instead I sewed. I sewed so much my seven year old finally asked me if I needed him to hide my sewing machine from me.

First up……. The Beach Robe.

And even though she’s used it a ton in just a week I have yet to get a picture of it near water or in legitimate use. So the front yard will have to do.

I cut the pieces for another one for my nephew. I will have to be a little bit more particular with some of the seams on the next one. When I washed the orange one the towel sort of pulled and thinned near the armpits and around the neckline.

The lining in the hood is one of my favorite aspects of this… cute! The pattern is super simple and easy to follow. But it’s not very big, so there is quite a bit of adjusting and adding length to all the pieces if you’re making bigger than a size 4. It’s an easy enough adjustment though and well worth it.

She adores it and I can’t tell you how many people have asked me where I bought it!  I love that!

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One Response to Things I Made Last Week…..Instead of Packing (Part 1 : Beach Robe)

  1. wendy says:

    You did it! That is so cute! I hope I get to see you when you are in Oregon!

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