Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

(from sarah)

This past weekend my girly turned eight years old. EIGHT!

For the second time in her life, she decided she’d like to have a party. Like the sort with friends. The sorts of friends who were her age (and their siblings).  She was quite certain she wanted a Harry Potter party. She’s been talking and planning and running through ideas for at least six months. I’ve been going slightly crazy.

But! Thanks to Pinterest, we found all sorts of fun DIY ideas that we could do to make a homemade Harry Potter party.

First order of business, of course, was the cake. We went with wizard hats (sugar cones dipped in chocolate on top.)

Next, a craft. Obviously there was no way we could host a party without some sort of craft.

So, we made some slightly out of focus googily eyed owls out of toilet paper rolls.

Broomsticks (paperbags for the broom and pretzel sticks for the handle) containing a popcorn trail mix made a tasty snack,

along with the required Every Flavor Beans (which, as you can see, were quickly eaten right up.)

We wrapped things up with a “Pin the Glasses on Harry Potter” game. Let me tell you, it took some serious resourcefullness to figure out how to get something remotely resembling Harry on something the size of a posterboard.

Since you’re interested in these sorts of things, I’ll tell you all about it. First I made a coloring page copy on my printer, then since I didn’t have any overhead sheets I traced the outline onto a piece of saran wrap and called around to local churches and libraries to try to locate an old school overhead projecter. Once I found one (four phone calls and one facebook post later) we taped the posterboard up to the wall and traced the projected image onto it.

I’ve got to say, it was pretty fun and the girly had a fabulous time. She’s already begun planning next years party. Yikes.


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2 Responses to Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Party

  1. Jill says:

    Wow, Sarah! This is impressive!

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