Scrap Bracelets

There are so many things I loved about this project, here’s a few:

  • it’s all from scraps!
  • it encourages involvement and creativity from the littlest helper.
  • it is a great practice project for sewing buttons and buttonholes and trying out all those funky stitches on your machine that you never use.
  • the finished product is a funky and comfortable accessory that you can coordinate just the way you want it!

Here’s the basic idea……

  • Take a strip of fabric slightly bigger than the wrist it will be fitting. (Jersey or other non-fraying fabrics are perfect!)
  • If needed serge or finish the edges of a fabric that will fray or leave it to fray…that could be fun!
  • Embellish it however you want! This is the time to practice any sort of stitching, sewing, yo-yo-ing, anything you can imagine.
  • Either stitch the bracelet closed (which only works with a stretchy bracelet) or add some sort of clasp (button, hook, velcro, etc.)

I imagine this would be super fun with a group of young teenage girls. Crafty Slumber Party anyone? Or as a project for a brand new young sewer. My 3-year-old helper was perfect in the role of picking out buttons.

But I don’t think either of my girls have a future in hand-modeling….. one was on the verge of tears because it made her too tired to hold her hand up just long enough for me to snap a picture…maybe they’re bound for the dramatics of the theater instead.

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