Summer Salad Search

Summer weather makes me a little bit lazy. I don’t really want to hunker down with the sewing machine or smell comforting soup simmering on the stove. In fact all I really want to do is play at the park (preferably one with water!), lounge with a good book (alternating between sun and shade, of course), and drink big glasses of ice water.

The problem lies in the fact that I still have to fix my family dinner. And let’s just say that last month’s results of last-minute quick fixes and grabbing meals on the go did not bode well for the budget. (….and it’s only about to get hotter and less desirable to cook here in the Salt Lake Valley….) So I’m in need of some good summer salads to throw in between and to accompany our evenings of sandwiches and smoothies.

I made potato salad for the first time in my life this week and it wasn’t half bad, but I need some tried and true perfection from you!

So if you have a summer salad to share please e-mail us at .

We’ll round-up a few and post them here sometime in the next few weeks so that everyone can enjoy a cooler kitchen and pleasant dinners. And pop in later for a yummy dessert you will want to make tonight!

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