Crafty Corner

Having a designated space for your craftiness is so helpful if you want to ever get anything accomplished. Moving to Salt Lake my husband assured me that if we ended up buying a house that he would be certain that there would be a crafty place for me. I’m not sure how much of that generosity had to do with him being sick of not seeing the kitchen table for days at a time…..but I’m not going to question it. And he still misses the kitchen table on occasion, except now I can blame it on the kids.

So as un-impressive as it is and as horrible as my pictures are. Here it is.

 I built the table at a nice height for sitting without crouching and found that super cool vintage stool at a thrift store in amazing condition. The things I always need (thread, pins, scissors, pencil, paper, felt!, tape measure, etc.) are all close at hand at the table or on the wall somehow.

The door on the right there…..see it?? Well it was just an empty unfinished space with access to water heaters and other things that I don’t know the names of. So I grabbed some as-is paint and shelves that I have acquired over time and threw them up on the wall. (I should ask for help with these things. I cringe a little bit each time I pull down a box in fear that my screws aren’t going to hold. But so far we’re ok.)

Below the shelves are a couple of Rubbermaid bins with fabrics and works in progress. And the wire cubes hold some extra tools that I don’t use as often and the pretty fabrics that I don’t mind having out and that I rummage through the most.

My favorite parts?

My little wall hooks that hold my scissors and tape in a row right behind my sewing machine. I was always misplacing these things before. And the row of hooks is just too darn cute. 

My other favorite part is my view if I turn around. Utter chaos and fun. (The dress up clothes are always on the floor no matter how often I organize them, so I thought I’d let the picture be authentic. Keepin’ it real folks.) As delightful as the idea of a dedicated and quiet craft room sounds it just wouldn’t be realistic and I’d never go in there. I want to be where my kids are. Listening to the piano rocking loudly, watching the play they are performing, eating treats from their kitchen, hearing their laughter and pausing to kiss a bumped knee. Oh and sometimes watching the movie I’ve plopped them in front of from over their shoulders….sometimes.

What’s your crafting space like? Love it? Hate it? non-existent? Inspiring? Either way we’d love to hear about it!!

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