Felt Animals

Felt is the simplest medium in the world to sew with. There are no edges to fray, any mistake can be unthreaded with ease, and whatever shape you want to make will hold without too much effort and a little bit of stuffing!




 Making little animals with kids can be an easy project to get them started with a needled and thread. I’ve tried embroidery hoops and simple patterns and I’ll tell you this was significantly easier. When they are stitching along an edge seam it doesn’t really matter if they enter the fabric from the “wrong” side and alternate between directions as they go.



Simple shaped animals and designs are a great place to start. Just cut 2 of the same shape, stitch most of the way around, fill with stuffing, and then close up the last little bit. You can add legs, ears, tails and all that afterwards as you please. (Although faces and other fine detail on the main body are easier to sew before stitching it all together……I speak from experience here.)

Any tips or great ideas for sewing with kids? What do you think, does our dino needs a tail?  

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One Response to Felt Animals

  1. Hi, I love the little mouse in the picture… Can you share the rough shape you cut for it? My daughter graduates from a Waldorf kinder (just turned 7) and she wants to make the mouse for her friends in class- all 10 of them! I have a month so probably need to get started soon…. Txs! Rajee (Spore, sahm to Katya 10, jenya 7, sharanya almost 5, Atmik 20 mo)

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