Jersey Skirt – Pattern Opinion

I’ve been wanting to make a stretchy knit skirt for myself for some time now. One that is comfy, but doesn’t look like I’m wearing the skirt version of sweatpants. Ideally it would look cute with flip-flops and a tank top. But would simultaneously be simple to dress up with a little jewelry and curled hair. Oh and it also needs to stay put when little hands tug on it…..that part is super important.

Enter Sew Liberated and the Jersey Skirt.

I checked it out from the library a while back. I’m cheap that way. The patterns were missing (the downside of library books) but for this skirt you make your own pattern. Or if you’re like me you just look at the pictures, hold the fabric up to your waist and start cutting.

Either way, the instructions and diagrams for putting this skirt together are pretty easy to follow. A good beginning clothes making project for sure. The skirt is comfy, with just the right amount of twirliness at the bottom. The fact that it is stretchy means that it is going to look good on a variety of body types and is wearable even on a day when you’re own body is feeling frumpy to you.  Whether you wear your skirts high on your waist (like me) or slung low on your hips (which is cool) it works! And the fold down waistband feels snug either way, no worries about losing my skirt when I’m wrangling three kids and all their books home from the library.

Jazz it up with applique as the book suggests or make a plain one to be a completely versatile addition to your wardrobe. I think a black one would make the perfect vacation staple. It would take up zero space in your suitcase, you could wear it over and over to all kinds of events, plus you’ll be comfy and cute. 

I think I’ll leave mine plain for now, I’ll probably shorten it a few inches and let the embellishment ideas float around in my head for a while before I commit. But I am definitely open to suggestions………….

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7 Responses to Jersey Skirt – Pattern Opinion

  1. Yay! You finished it! 🙂 I need to get mine done.

    Thanks for the fabulous visit!

  2. BetsyD says:

    Thank you for posting the book that you used! Sew Liberated is now being transported to my favorite library. I’m excited to make this in brown for me; it looks great on you! I looked at jersey fabrics at the fabric store yesterday, but I’m a little curious if you think a jersey SHEET set would work for this? Hmmm, whatcha say? I’m thinking that if I can find it on clearance, that I’ll get a fitted sheet for our bed, and a flat sheet for ‘project Betsy’s favorite new skirt’!

    • I think a jersey sheet should work just fine. Just be sure to test the stretch in the sheets and cut so that the stretchiness goes in the right direction! Fabric can be expensive, so it’s always a good idea to think outside the box. I love finding sheets with a little tear in them, it makes it so much easier to hack them to pieces for a project. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Bethany says:

    Um, I saw this hanging in your room and thought… “super cute!” I’m thinking you should make one for me! Just joking… but really… I could use some lessons and this would be a great way to start.
    ps. You look smokin’ in your photos. Great skirt for your shape.

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