easy peasy – iron on applique

(from sarah)

Some friends recently threw me a baby shower. There was lots of craftiness going on (they know me so well!) and one of the things we did was applique some onesies.

I’d seen onesies like this on other blogs and honestly didn’t realize that you could buy the appliques all ready to iron on. With three kiddos coming along, I don’t do a lot of craft store browsing. We get in and get out…or at least we try to. My children will quickly tell you I can be easily distracted in those stores.

Here I was plotting out how to cut the fabric just right and trying to decide which kind of fusible interfacing to buy, when really, all I had to do was wonder a couple aisles over and buy one ready to go.

This, my friends is easy. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy as my children say.

People who aren’t crafty – but sometimes wanna do a little something on the crafty side of things…? This is for you. Promise.

All you need is an iron, your applique and a onesie.

And the wherewithall to read the directions. Sometimes I just jump right in. But if you read the instructions – and follow them – you’ll be all set.

First important thing: Prewash your onesie.

It’s okay. Take the time. Do it. You’ll be much happier when your applique actually sticks because you pre washed it.

Next important thing: empty your iron of any water that may be ready and waiting in the steam well. You’re going to set your iron to a wool setting, which produces steam, but you don’t want ANY steam this time. So just dump it out before you turn on your iron. Some of the irons I’ve seen don’t have all these handy fabric/setting charts on them for some reason. So just in case yours is one of those tricky confusing irons that expects you to just know these things – the wool setting is a high heat.

Set your applique on the shirt the way you like it and press it down for 10-15 seconds. Don’t get excited and do it for longer. It’s a bad idea. Just the length of the time the directions give you will be perfect.

Also – press the iron straight down – don’t run it up and down along the applique.

And voila! An adorable boy shirt – crafted by you! Your friends will be so impressed.

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One Response to easy peasy – iron on applique

  1. fugzilla says:

    That has got to be the cutest applique, ever! Do you know where they found it?? I’d love to make some of these for my nephews!

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