not much craftiness to talk about

(from sarah)

It’s been a slow crafting/making week around our house.

It started off well – Monday I got to hang out with a bunch of friends at our monthly crafty night. I started quilting a baby quilt and started breaking needles like crazy. I even broke a needle that a friend lent me.

Once I broke all the needles I’d brought or borrowed that night  I thought I’d switch over to some crochet. It sounded much safer.

I started on making a soaker – using wool for the first time ever.
What’s a soaker you ask?

Good question. It’s a cute little cover you put on your baby over cloth diapers. When you use the right wool (one that hasn’t been superwashed) it still contains some Lanolin. Lanolin is apparently a very good thing – it makes the soaker absorbent and provides a barrier at the same time. So, as I understand it, you won’t be washing your babies’ sheets every morning after they’ve leaked through their cloth diapers every night. I’m hopeful.

This pattern calls for half double crochet (hdc) stitches placed in the back loop which makes it rather stretchy. It also makes these ridges that I love the look of.

So I started the soaker (which comes together incredibly quickly) and managed to lose my bag of crochet hooks and tools.

That, my friends, is depressing.

Broken needles on the machine and missing hooks from my yarn bag.

Makes for a slow, slow week.

But, I did make it to Joann’s for more machine needles and after some reader comments here and on facebook and some googling, realized I should not be using invisible thread to quilt. So I ripped it all out and will start again.

I still haven’t found my crochet hooks. My husband and I searched everywhere and came up with two hooks hiding in the couch, but not the bag. I’m thrilled for those two (which I didn’t realize I was missing…hmmmm…) but I so miss that little bag. I feel a little lost without it.

Pretty sad, I know.

And, the final reason things have been slow around here? This pregnancy thing is catching up with me. I have high hopes to finish a few final baby boy projects – high, high hopes I assure you.

But…I think I might be ready for a little book reading. Any suggestions?


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One Response to not much craftiness to talk about

  1. fugzilla says:

    Sorry you lost your hooks! I brought one with me the other day, so that I could crochet while we were out. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so disappointed. Later on, I realized that it was in my pocket. I hope you’re able to find yours, soon!

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