Easiest Felt Bunting in the World!

(from Emily)

There are a million tutorials, instructions, and creative ideas for making bunting all over the place. And while I’ve always thought it was so cute, I’ve never put any together before. But this weekend I felt inspired and whipped up a little bunting for the playroom / sewing room and it took me about 15 minutes total, with 5 munchkins running around my feet having a wild dance party. It’s really that easy!

I would consider this a “mini-bunting” because my triangles are only about 4 inches tall. But the beauty of the size is that you can get 10 triangles out of one rectangle sheet of craft felt. I think the small size also feels less “party decoration” and more “cute room decor”, at least to me! (Ok, enough with the quotation marks already.)

I used about 35 triangles and a little more than one package of bias tape to fill a space about 10 feet long. Just for reference on how much you’ll need for your space.

Slip the top edge of your first triangle in between the folds of your bias tape and stitch the tape closed at the edge. About 3/4 of the way across insert the next piece of felt with the top corners of your triangles touching, continue in this fashion until your bunting reaches your desired length.

At the start and finish be sure to leave a tail of a few inches of bias tape. You will use this to tie or pin or nail or whatever your bunting in place when you are all done. 

Now it’s all ready to hang. Easiest thing in the world. Hanging it with little helpers actually took me as long (if not longer) than making it. And in case you were wondering…. thumbtacks, hammers, standing on chairs and fingers don’t really all work well together.

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