Taggy Baby Blanket – Tutorial

(from Emily)

As was mentioned by Sarah previously, baby boys are on the brain these days. And here’s a project that makes a very simple baby shower gift that looks great and will be seriously loved and used.  From baby days until they’re too cool for blankets anymore.

My kids all received blankets like this when they were babies and they still use them regularly.  For winter babies they are super warm. When tummy time rolls around they are the perfect thickness for laying out under an exploring baby, plus the taggy ribbons are a great enticement for little hands. Even now these blankets are always coming along on car rides if we’re going to be out late, they are drug out into the yard for “camping trips” and they are a must have on the couch on sniffly days.

Now you can certainly make a girl version of this blanket, but we’re talking about boys today so we’re doing blue! We’ve made all sorts of colors though, so don’t limit yourself. The new momma’s favorite color is orange? Perfect. The house is chaos and you need a blanket you’ll never lose? Try bright turquiose.

To get started let’s gather your supplies. You will need:

  • one yard of fleece (washed and cut in half)
  • app. 3.5 yards of coordinating ribbon
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine and coordinating thread

Cut your coordinating ribbons into approximately 6 inch pieces. I used 22 pieces of ribbon for this particular blanket. Keep in mind that the finished length of ribbon hanging out of the blanket will be slightly less than half of the starting length. Figure out the order of colors and patterns that you want and lay the ribbons out to make the next step quicker.

Stack your two pieces of fabric together and spread out, right sides together and place pins at equal intervals around the blanket. These will mark where your ribbons go. If you use one yard of fleece your blanket will be a slight rectangle. I usually put 6-7 ribbons on the long sides and 5-6 ribbons on the shorter sides. 

Fold each piece of ribbon in half and place between the two layers of fleece at each pin.(right sides together) Pin through both layers of fleece and the ribbon holding it in place with the cut ends facing outward towards the edge of your fabric.

All pinned in place now and ready to hit the sewing machine!

Stitch around the edges of the blanket leaving an opening between two ribbons. Mark your intended stopping point so you don’t accidentally forget and stitch it all the way closed. I used a large safety pin.

After you have finished stitching around the entire edge, closing all of the ribbon between the two layers, you should have just a small opening remaining. Just enough to turn your blanket right side out.

Turn it out through the hole and here’s what you have so far, almost done now. Just a few little topstitches to finish up!

Topstitch around the edge of the blanket, being sure to stitch closed the opening you left for turning the blanket.

Topstitch a design into the center of the blanket. This will help the blanket to hold its shape through lots of tumbling, snuggling, and washings!

Fold it up and admire your work. It’s all ready to snuggle up your little bundle of boy! Or get in the mailbox to a friend…. Sarah it should be on its way by the end of the week!

Enjoy making lots of blankets for all the new little boys in your life (and girls too), but please use this tutorial for personal use only.  If anything is unclear or confusing, please let us know. Tutorials are a new thing for us and we love your feedback, especially if it can help us improve!


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