Baby boy elephant toy

(from sarah)

I have babies on the brain. Boy babies to be specific. My newest nephew was born last weekend. My newest son will be born next month. So you can understand that baby boy things have been consuming my thoughts lately.

I checked out Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts (Joelle Hoverson) from the library and found several adorable baby things I could make. The first one on my list, though? The little elephant softy toy designed by Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls. I was rather excited to see it included cause I’ve admired her toys for a while. I had big plans of making several of these little elephants to give to all the little babies I know.

So. I turned on the wonderfully long Sound of Music for the kiddlets, popped them some popcorn and got started.

I’m afraid I have some bad news. The elephant is incredibly cute. The pattern is not.

The seam ripper and I got reaquainted. There was much sewing, unsewing and resewing.

There was a lot of pinning and repinning.

The problem?

One: No diagrams. The instructions tell you to sew small pieces to larger pieces right sides together. No problem. Unless there are multiple ways to sew those pieces right sides together. Then it becomes a problem. A problem that only diagrams can fix.

Two: One of the instructions was just plain wrong. We were told to sew the belly pieces together, leaving the marked section open for turning. So I did. And then promptly realized there was no way that was right. So I sewed a smaller section together and didn’t realized until the rest of the elephant was assembled that this was in fact wrong also. We should have been told to sew the belly piece to the body piece.

This discovery required an ice cream & cookie break. I find ice cream and cookie breaks are always helpful when one is feeling rather frustrated with one’s project.

But! Once I got it figured out and stuffed him, he was just so cute. And once the ears were on – well then I decided maybe I could make a few more. In the future. The distant future.

I think he’s rather adorable.

He’s ready and waiting for our little munchkin to wanna play with him.

If I do make more to give away, I’ll stuff the nonsense out of the legs and try to figure out something for the end of his trunk. It’s a little funky.

My conclusion? If you’ve got ice cream and cookies on hand and a few spare hours to figure things out for yourself he’s totally worth making.

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4 Responses to Baby boy elephant toy

  1. Mom says:

    Sarah it is totally adorable 😉

  2. Aw, he’s so cute! I can see ice cream & cookies being totally essential there. I love the Last Minute Patchwork; I’ve made a few gifts from there while pregnant myself. 🙂


  3. That Elephant may have been really tricky to make, and your seam ripper may have got lots of use, but it is so increadibly adorable! (so well worth the effort). I want one. I really really want one.

    What you should do it rewrite the instructions, with photos or pictures, and post your own tutorial for how to make them, then I could make one too 😀

    Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wendy says:

    That is absolutely adorable! And it’s so sweet that he will have a crib-full of mama-made things.

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