Celebrate the Boy

(from sarah)

Dana over at Made and Rae over at  Made by Rae have a fabulous yearly “Celebrate the Boy” series.

It’s so easy to make and craft for girls that they thought it would be fun to focus on all the fabulousness there is to make for boys for a month. And we thought, “Shoot. Let’s join ’em.” So for the next month or so we’ll be talking about ideas of things to make or sew or craft for and with the boys in your life.

We’ve got some fun things to inspire you, and a few tutorials to help you along the way. If you work on boy projects let us know so we can enjoy and share your work. Email us at atthetable at gmail dot com (making it look like a normal email address) or leave a comment to let us know!

Today I thought I’d start us off with a little link love. Yesterday, while reading through all the crafty blogs I love, I stumbled upon Made by Joel (all today’s links are for “made by…” blogs. Funny.) This guy is a Portland based designer who gets to play for a living. He makes all kinds of fun things for his kids and for magazine and for website craft articles.

(photo credit: Made by Joel)

Check out these fabric nesting dolls he made for his kiddos. You can draw anything on them – people, dinosaurs, animals…

(photo credit: Made by Joel)

And this cardboard & velcro robot? So awesome. I think I need to buy some velcro dots. (Click the picture to go to his site and learn how to make your own.)

(photo credit: Made by Joel)

Look! A mini catapult! I love it!

I love that he works with all the things I want to work with – he paints, he draws, he sews, he makes things with wood…please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day perusing the archives over at madebyjoel.blogspot.com

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