Kimono PJ’s

(from Emily)
I finally opened the sewing machine!! And I love love love it! It is a Singer 4423 Heavy Duty. It is a significant upgrade from my old machine, but still an inexpensive one. Perfect for me!
The big question once it was out of the box was of course, what to sew first?!? Since cleaning out my girls’ room of the overabundance of clothing is my plan for tomorrow why not make them more clothes tonight, logical right?
I used a pair of pants that fit well to trace cut around. And used the method that Sarah taught me for making baby pants a few years ago. Maybe she has it posted some where…..or wants to post it here…..
And the top is my own non-direction following, make it up as I go along, 3 year old sized version of “Lucy’s Kimono” out of Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing. I of course couldn’t find my box o’ bias tape, so I just used some wide silver ribbon that I actually got at the dollar store a while back and folded it over.
This is definitely something I will be making again. There have been requests for more from the other kiddos.
I realized this is a style/pattern that is probably better a bit too big so next time I’ll be far more lenient with my seam allowances. I also don’t like the extra tie hanging off the side (I get that it is so you can tie it across either direction). It just looks funny to me, so I think I’ll take one side off on the next set.
The best part of these ones?? They were made out a large pillowcase that we acquired from our previous neighbor, who was a really sweet guy and would probably adore the fact that she is wearing around this old pillowcase in the form of cute pj’s!
Poor little raw nose….she deserved some new pj’s tonight!
Now that the sewing machine is back in business, expect lots more creations coming your way….
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5 Responses to Kimono PJ’s

  1. sarah says:

    yay for out of the box sewing machines!!!

  2. Bopp says:

    Very cute

  3. I love these kimono p.j.s! What about putting a velcro closure on the inner flap the next time—or maybe a snap—that way you don’t have the extra tie. I also like how similar styles look with a fabric loop closure and a button. I am imagining that this fabric is that wonderfully, worn-in cotton. Yum.

  4. Leslie says:

    so cute. I might try these for Alice.

  5. Hey: I’m Michele from calicodaisy handmade. I’m having buyer’s remorse and have been looking for a blogger who might have the Singer 4423, and you do! I jammed my computerized embroidery sewing machine on some piping the other day, and the time came to purchase a heavy duty machine for all the home dec I sew. I bought the Singer on HSN today and paid for quick shipping. I’m worried, though, to make such a fast heavy purchase online. How do you like your machine? Has it been easy to thread and put the bobbin in? Thanks for your thoughts.
    — Michele calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com

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