Off the hook

(from sarah)

So things at my house aren’t quite as Valentine’s focused as Emily’s. We tend to be last minute holiday celebrators around here.

(Although, I will tell you – so you can be as amazed by it as I am – we actually started working on our Valentine’s yesterday. We’re not quite done yet. And there may even be a post about it coming soon. Maybe.)

Although not heart, glitter or holiday related, there have been a few fun things going on around here too. And they’re all off the hook. (My crochet hook to be specific.)

First off, my little guy has been asking me to make some green balls for him to play catch with for weeks. I was going to sew them, but decided, shoot. Let’s try crocheting them instead.

He’s a creative poser, what can I say? And yes, they instantly requested I make three white balls into a snowman.  (Isn’t that what you think of when you see this picture?)

(He likes posing things near his face – what can I say?)

A pair of monkeys joined our collection of tiny animals (“Mama, you should make a whole zoo!!”) along with…

a little crocodile.

Next on the list – a walrus… I think. After a hat or two. And now that I’ve finished the baby blanket, I’d really like to start another one. A large, mindless project that I can work on while watching Biggest Loser sounds just about perfect right now.

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