Homemade Coloring Books

(from Emily)

Helping kids create valentine’s for their friends can be challenging sometimes. If you want to do something super crafty and cute it can be tempting to push the kids aside and do it yourself so it all looks just like you envisioned.  If you want to steer clear of the candy aisle it can be challenging to think of something that kids will get excited about.

Last year we had a fresh batch of homemade crayons inspiring us to do something clever so together my kids and I made Valentine’s coloring books!

I had them each draw a couple of pictures to represent Valentine’s Day and we came up with a few little Valentine themed word games to add in. We taped them down just the way we wanted them on each side of the paper and then ran them through the copy machine.

Then we cut them in half, arranged the pages in just the right order and zigzag stitched the cover to them right down the center.

Here’s a little tour through our coloring book…..though the possibilities are endless.

The older your kids, the more ownership they can take over the designs and layout of the book. Plus sewing through paper is great for a beginning sewer.

A coloring book and a bundle of homemade crayons is appreciated by kids and moms alike!

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