Burlap Wreath

(from Emily)

My computer is up and running and my pictures have been successfully recovered. So join us for the remainder of the countdown to Valentine’s Day…. so sorry for the delay!


Decorating your front door with a wreath or something equally lovely isn’t just for Christmas. Any time of year and any little ‘ol holiday deserves a little something special adorning the front door to greet your guests.

This simple, earthy Valentine’s wreath only takes a few minutes and adds a festive……but not too frilly….feel to your door, fireplace, or wall.

To get started you’ll need:

  • a bare wreath
  • burlap (amount depends on size of your wreath)
  • glue gun
  • felt (or other embellishments of choice)
  • scissors

I used a leftover wreath from the fall that I was too lazy to remove the acorns and glue from…..so trust me when I say that anything circular will probably work just fine for this project.

Begin by cutting your burlap into strips. My strips were about 4 in. by 32 in. and I used 3 for each of my wreaths. One longer strip would work best if you have that option with your burlap, I have coffee sacks…..lots of them…so my length is limited.

Glue one end of the strip to the backside of your wreath and begin wrapping the strip around through the center of your wreath, overlapping each wrap slightly over the previous wrap. Continue until your wreath is covered, gluing the ends of your strips as you go.

Be sure to trim any loose ends of burlap that unravel along the way. It will fray your edges a little, but that’s ok!

For my embellishments I cut 3 felt hearts of different sizes and alternating colors and glued them together and directly to the burlap, although the possibilities here are endless. I wanted simple.

Hang on your door (or wall) and take a break. Unless you have the unfortunate joy of double front doors. Then get yourself back to the table and make another one…..don’t feel bad, I’m right there with you.

Now go invite some friends over so that they can compliment you on your too cute front door on their way in. And come back tomorrow for something new! 

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