First attempt at something cool : FAILED

(from Emily)

Let me just say that sometimes technology is really awesome and sometimes it really ruins your week. Yesterday our computer crashed. Like seriously dead, no salvation, crashed. We’re hoping we’ll be able to take it in and salvage pictures and documents which will surely set us back a few dollars. And we’re hoping to get something new which will also set us back more than a few dollars……I’m trying to determine if this falls into the emergency fund portion of the budget. Realistically I think no, but I’m pretty sure we could convince ourselves yes.

So all that being said, Valentine’s projects galore may happen at my house, but thorough documentation and sharing here on the blog I can’t commit to with confidence. All the pictures I had lined up to post today are trapped inside the Dell. I can access WordPress from the kids movie watching hand-me-down laptop, but our internet connection is sketchy and I can’t access my e-mail or blogger. So if you came over here from industriously emily, I apologize.

I’ve lost all connection to the outside world today. No e-mail, no google reader, no blogging, no pictures. Almost makes me want to join facebook…, no, it’s not that bad.

I’ll be back soon, maybe even with a new shiny computer. Until then, hope your Valentine’s creations are frilly, fabulous, and full of love!

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