Some new craft muscles

(from Sarah)

My kids definitely have opinions about the things I make. Usually they’re very very encouraging. The single thing they are the most encouraging about? Amigurumi.

They have no idea what that word means, and I didn’t either until just recently. You might not either. I’ll tell you – I’m not sure of the proper definition, but basically it’s cute little crocheted (sometimes knit) toys.

Like this little elephant.

And this big nosed hippo.

I looooove these things. More colors for more animals was what I spent so much money on the other day. The kids loooove these things.

They’re super fun, and slightly challenging to make. Mostly because you want your stitches to be fairly tight so the stuffing doesn’t show through. Which means my finger and wrist muscles are getting a serious workout. My wrists are flirting with the idea of tendonitis (doesn’t help being pregnant) but I’m doing my best to discourage that idea.

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2 Responses to Some new craft muscles

  1. Mom says:

    These are very very cute

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