Hey hey. I’m Sarah. I like to make things.

Sometimes I use paint, sometimes thread, sometimes canvas, sometimes corduroy, sometimes a crochet hook, sometimes a camera. I love organic, natural fabrics as well as fun thrift store finds (which are seldom organic or natural.) I love incorporating natural canvas into things like emily* loves her burlap. I like making stuff for kiddos and every once in a while I experiment making stuff that will fit me. One of these days I’m going to get started making my families entire wardrobe. Someday.

I’ve got three munchkins (7, 5, & 3) with another making his appearance in March 2011. My mind is full of baby type things to make, which honestly hasn’t happened in a while. My husband is an amazing combination of mathy/artistic type which leads to some interesting combinations. We homeschool, have chickens running in the backyard, read lots of books, play lots of Wii and Foosball and sometimes get really really aware of what we’re eating. And then sometimes we realize we’ve played too long and throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

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